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Autumn at St. Andrew's

St. Andrew's Assembly 2017

& Kingfisher Cake Sale




Abba Father

Big Man

Song of Blessing




Prayer written by Annabelle & Poppy

Dear God,

Thank you for our friends

who help us when we are hurt.

Thank you for helping me to make lots of friends

so we can all play together.

Thank you friends 

for being so kind and helpful.

We love our friends.


Seek Ye First

St. Andrew's Day Assembly 2016

What a wonderful St. Andrew's Assembly we had. The children performed confidently whilst they retold the story of St. Andrew.

We certainly do have some very talented children, they spoke beautifully and danced with enthusiasm.



Afterwards 2 pupils represented our school at the Remembrance Service in Gostrey Meadow.

The children laid a wreath on the War Memorial and recited a poem written by Year 2 pupils.




Big Man

Song of Blessing


Prayer by Tiffy (age 6)


Dear God,

Thank you for Saint Andrew

who was a friend to Jesus.

Let us enjoy our friendships

and have fun playing, sharing and

helping each other.



Seek Ye First

St. Andrew's Remembrance Poem.

Year 2 pupils collaborated in making our Remembrance Poem.


Poem recited by Alis (age 6)

The Last Post & 1 Minute Silence

Majority of pictures taken by Matt Chisnall


Harvest Festival Assembly 2016 

 Thank you for your generous donations to

Farnham Foodbank

'You have really made a difference to many 'local' families.'

A small selection of your donations.

Paint box

5 Currant Buns

Harvest Moon

Autumn Leaves

Big Red Combine Harvester

Autumn Poem

Prayer by Olivia (age 6)

Dear God,

Thank you for all the harvest.

Thank you for all the lovely fruit and vegetables.

Please help us to look after people who are not as lucky as us.


Seek Ye First

(our school song)

Harvest Festival Assembly 2015 & Donations to Farnham Foodbank.

Prayer by Emily C. (age 6)

Dear God,


Thank you for our food and vegetables that keep us healthy

and for farmers, fisher folk

and shop keepers.

Please help all the people

who don’t have any food.





We WILL Remember

(Song of Remembrance)


Turn your thought on this occasion

To those who fought and died in the war.

Years have passed and time has forgotten,

But we will remember the soldiers once more. 


St. Andrew's Day prayer by Liam M. (aged 6)

Dear God,

 Thank you for our families and friends.

Thank you for food, birds, trees and buzzy bees.

Thank you for history, nature, bakeries, telephones and electricity.

Thank you for paper, houses, burners, chimneys and cars.

Thank you for amazing schools and teachers, and thank you for the army who protect us.