Our next Open Morning is Monday 18th June at 9.30. Please call the school office on 01252 716 305 (option 3) to reserve a place.

Updated: 18.5.18

Robin Class

PTA Class Reps

Jessica Faircloth

Nikki West

Janet Elliot

Lindsay Farr

What are the Reception children learning this term?

Robin class enjoyed making Pizza's at Pizza Express in Farnham. 

Thank you to the PTA for organising this experience.


Must do at  home, please:

You will find in your child's reading wallet a list of High Frequency Words to learn at home. Once each set has been learnt, your child will then be given the next set. Please do not see this as a race, every child learns at a different pace. It is far more important to ensure each child is secure with each set of words before moving on, slow and steady wins the race!

Please continue to practice any letter formation using the entry and exit stroke forming cursive writing. If you are unsure please come and see me. We are having a big focus on the children being able to write their own name without the use of a name card!





Our Topic next term is Mini Beasts! So if anybody has any interesting items, please bring them in! We will hatching our own caterpillars. We will also be revamping our outside are. If anybody has any old gardening tools, gardening gloves, small wheelbarrows, plant pots,  seed packets etc as we are hoping to set up an outside Role Play Garden Centre!

SHOW AND TELL - is on a Friday ONLY! This can be an interesting item such as photographs, books, shells and the like! No toys please.



OLD SHEETS                                              PLASTIC DRAINPIPE/GUTTERING                   

TABLECLOTHS                                           OLD RUGS


LARGE CUSHIONS                                     LEFT OVER CHALK BOARD PAINT

BABY CLOTHES                                          BAMBOO CANES






Home Achievements Form for Reception Children

In the box below, please record any new steps your child has made. This could be in their reading, phonics, number & shape work. Also physical, creative and social achievements



Please click on the picture below for a link to the Letters and Sounds website.