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Updated:  12.1.18

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What are we learning this Term?




Week Commencing: 15/1/18

A week late I know, but welcome back to school for the Spring term.  I can see that the children enjoyed the holiday and are now getting back into the swing of their busy school routines.

Our key learning this week:


Literacy - this week we are going to study the prefix un- and how it can change the meaning of words.  We are going to look at some poems containing these words and then write some of our own.


Maths - this week we are going to develop Maths Mastery techniques using different ways of modelling addition.  We are using a '10s frame' to help us see that 7 + 6 = 10 + 3 = 13 etc.  Later this work will be applied to adding other larger numbers that bridge a 10s barrier.


Must do at home, please:

Please could you hear your children read, and read to them, as often as possible.

Learn the number bonds to 10 off by heart for instant recall - this will help with the work above.





IMPORTANT - Further to the Weekly Email, please save as much recycling as possible for our transport modelling.


Please make sure your child brings a coat to school everyday as we try to go out for all play  times if we can.



Additional ways to support your child:


Please support your child with their reading.  This can be with books and other reading materials from school, home and the library. 


As above - learning number bonds to 10.



We use a couple of great websites to support our teaching.  Please see the links below:



Letter Formation used in Year 1 & 2







The book bags come home on a Friday and need to be returned on the following Wednesday.


Please complete homework in pencil and stick the completed sheet into the book.